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Your leader in road safety equipment manufacturing for the most robust, automated and reliable equipment designed and manufactured for Africa.

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Quality Work Through Dedication

Workshop Electronics seeks to advance economic & social development through transparent & good business acumen throughout the workplace and in the industry at large.

We also strive to assist all road transport authorities to accomplish their accident reduction & free flow of traffic goals. This is done through the implementation of well-designed and manufactured roadworthy testing equipment.

Challenging The Status Quo

The way Workshop Electronics challenges the status quo is by taking an uncomplicated result-driven approach to advocating innovative solutions which meet the road safety initiative and vehicle roadworthy testing industry requirements according to the National Road Traffic Act 93 of 1996.

Automated Solution

We have the very latest innovative technology pertaining to our Milltron roadworthy vehicle testing equipment.

The software is designed to accommodate all equipment dealing with measurement and results. By doing this we try to illuminate the human factor, possible fraudulent activity or the manipulation of results.

Quality Scales And Service Solutions

Workshop Electronics has a comprehensive range of quality vehicle roadworthy testing equipment and products, developed for multiple law enforcement facets, as well as for private sector customers. We offer a turnkey solution that is locally manufactured.

Our service and support resources are extensive, as is our belief in sharing our technical knowledge with the customer through training.

Software And Automation

Workshop Electronics is Africa’s leading road worthy test station equipment software. No other systems provide the power and operational flexibility for roadworthy test equipment management.


Millitron road worthy equipment fitted with an emergency top start button in events in emergency and prevention of health risk factors

We Provide Our Customers

Current and up-to-date technology with state-of-the-art software and cloud solutions. Excellent support and customer service.

Repairs And Services

We provide repairs on all roadworthy testing equipment. A grade as well as B grade testing lane equipment. We offer comprehensive turn-key solutions.

Verification And Calibration

To all our customers on equipment as required by SANAS 10216 annually roadworthy.

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