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Workshop Electronics is S.A’s leading Test Lane Equipment & Mobile brake tester, Manufacturer.

Workshop Electronics is a proudly South African company, Militron is a Proudly South African’ rated product with SABS approval and SANS compliant.

Workshop Electronics is a Level 2 BBBEEE contributor.

Workshop Electronics equipment is installed calibrated and supported in Southern Africa and in the SADC regions by professionally trained technicians.

A Grade Roller Brake Tester

A Grade Roller Brake Tester WECC 50
Description Of Machine:
  • Automatic slip control set at 20% can be adjusted to suit conditions.
  • Rollers can be operated one at a time or simultaneously.
  • Automatic starting & both rollers cut out when the first one cuts out.
  • Automatic starting & rollers operate independently.
  • Self-aligning roller bearings on all shafts.
  • Type of drive: Angled gear motor
  • The diameter of the smallest wheel to be tested: 300mm(10’)
  • Maximum braking force per wheel: 30kN
  • Braking effort range per wheel: 0 – 30kN
  • Displays: 0 – 30kN – PC analogue & digital displays can be chosen in any configuration or
    combination PC with 19’inch LCD screen, & laserjet printer to capture all data.

Our machines all carry a full 12-month warranty after which a service level agreement could be negotiated.

Our company has been in existence for the past 30 years and is the sole manufacturer and supplier of Millitron devices installed.

We are also the only company that can calibrate and set these testing machines.

All equipment complies and meets with the minimum requirements of SANS:10216

Play Detector

  • Max. Weight per wheel : 10,000 Kg
  • Size of top plates : 900 x 900 mm
  • Max. Movement of plates : 100 mm in two directions
  • Max. Side forces generated : 30 kN
  • Power requirements : 380/400v three phase 15A
  • Motor size : 3Kw direct on line
  • Pump pressure : 200 Bar
  • Control voltage (inspection lamp) : 24V Isolated
  • Lamp voltage : 12V
  • Hydraulic fluid : Shell Tellus S32 50L

Scuff Gauge

  • Maximum wheel mass load 9 000Kg
  • Side slip range -16MM/M +16MM/M
  • Manufacturers Plate Information:
  • Model WECC 31
  • Supply voltage 220
  • Supply Ampere 1
  • Maximum load 9000 Kg
  • Maximum speed 5 Kilometers P/H
  • Serial no

Plate Size

  • Width 1040MM
  • length 300MM
  • Display 3 DIGIT 76MM LCD display
  • Computer controlled Auto zeroing

A Grade Pit Jacks

  • 380 v plus Neutral Hydraulic power pack (Runs both play detector & pit jacks)
  • Two lever hand controls for up & down movement
  • Two pit jack cylinders
  • 1x 30LT reservoir Tank for hydraulic fluid
  • 1 ton to 10 ton weight holding capacity
  • Oil 68 viscosity
  • Height is 600mm
  • Radius – 150mm
  • Circumference- 300mm
  • 8x Ball bearings to slide pit jacks on
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